Narrow boat Gentle Breeze x

I am a bit late starting the history of this project, indeed I did not kow that it was going to be a project nor can I say exactly when it started.

I think it was over the second pint in a quiet pub when my lads persuaded me to go and take a second look at a certain nb called Gentle Breeze. The trouble was that I had my cheque book with me that day, it was sunny and in a sort of misty haze my mind argued why wouldn’t you buy a narrow boat.

Well that was last summer, and this is a brief summary of events since then.

Steve Jenkins

8 thoughts on “Narrow boat Gentle Breeze x

  1. Hi Steve – your blog is really great! I am very interested as I told you my partner’s bro. has a narrow boat moored at Oxford and we have spent time on it. It’s a smashing life apart from what you said about B.O.A.T. Why would you give up your lovely job for that 😉 Lyn Ford

    • Thanks for your comment, Lyn. I have so much to update it with as I have been away on it for most of April.
      I did enjoy my job, the people in particular made it enjoyable. But there came a time to hand over the to someone else.
      Best regards

    • Will, if you relly want to stay on board when you are over next I am sue we can arrange that. She will sleep up to four as long as they are not too big (broad)! Did you know that the christian book shop moved and is now next door to Gwyn’s shop. They get much more custom so that must be good.
      God bless, Steve

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