Ice breaker

What a beautiful sunny day to work on the boat! The each branch was out lined in snow and bark. So wheather you saw them against the snowy fields or against the darknest of the canal they contrasted and stood outlined as if drawn in charcoal. I wanted to work on the boat but the batteries were low and the cut ice seemed to be free of ice in the middle.

It was so cold (minus 5, that the ropes were solid and every know had to be forced undone. After ten minutes off I went, very slowly, even more slowly when I cam e across the first patch of ice. What a racket! I guessed this wasn’t doign the prop any good nor the blacking. As for steering well that was a matter of trying to keep her in the middle, as soon as there was more ice on one side than the other she would veer off. In the end it was too thick (I was beginning to think so was I  to even try it). Well I had a go. Getting her going, cutting through the ice and finding a mororing place deep enough and reasonably ice free  took me nearly and hour to go the 400 yards!. Well I still got some repair work done, check out the other pages later.

Ice breaker


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