Quiet day out

What a change. Last weekend I was trying to get through ice, today was gorgeous weather with nearly all the ice gone. What was there was so thin and made a tinkling sound as the boat glided through it. Gloves, scarf, coat and jumper all came off in the morning as the day warmed up.

It is half term so there were plenty of primary school kids out walking together with grand parents.

So it was 5 hours of virtually idyllic cruising followed by a fifty minute bike ride home. The route back was along the old rail line (Edbury Way). It is amazing to think that the car route goes through really built up areas yet the canal and bike route are so peaceful.

I was just coming in to moor (which I do not do very well especially on the right bank) when a friendly guy grabbed a forward mooring fender to try to help. By the time I got the mid rope he was tugging hard and not really helping at all. He was rather muttering incoherently, and had a bottle of wine in one hand. I asked him to drop the finder between the boat and bank (that is what it was for), then I asked him to give it to me, then I tried to get it off him, then after a bit of heaving he did let go. Fortunately the boat was right up against the bank because when he released the rope I fell hard against the boat managed to scrabble for the rail and stayed out of the water. He continued muttering, saying he was “stho sthorry, dont no thwhat to thsay”. I said no problem (clutching bruised arm, wrist and fingers). He went of saying “if  vyou need thanything, my boath’s just down thhere”. “No fear!”, I thought! Every day is a learning day!

1 thought on “Quiet day out

  1. He didn’t drop the bottle in the river, I note! Other than that incident, it sounds like a wonderfully peaceful trip – I look forward to hearing of the wildlife getting about a bit more, once the Spring brings us some warmth.

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