Slough Arm

slough arm sunset

The last week end in February was good weather agin (although we realy need the rain. The Slough Arm from Cowley towards Slough is little used and getting overgrown. It gives the impression that any moment you may get grounded. I was pleased to reach the first winding hole where a heron watched me turn around, keeping well away from both banks. At one point the boat rode over something on the bottom (it was still there when I came back). Nevertheless I did enjoy the quiet drink and peaceful break. The next run will be down to the painters where she will be out of action for quite a few weeks. The opinion of the painter is that the various layers of paint have been added without proper rubbing down and some layers have cross reacted. This will mean that there will be extensive peparation work before painting can begin. In fact it is quite obvious that some of the original layers that are showing through are in far better condition than later layers. The difficult thing for me is to chose the new colour scheme. The painter is suggesting azur blue all over with large royal red panals along the sides and gold yellow coach lines. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Slough Arm

  1. I have just googled up some narrow boat images and seen all sorts of colours, including bright pink (but please don’t do that)! Red and green are probably the most commonly seen; there was one rather fetching cream and maroon, but I think your painter’s idea could look quite regal if the blue wasn’t too light. I like the idea of the gold yellow coach lines too.

  2. Suggest looking at lots of boats, finding a picture or two of colour schemes you really like then take that picture to discuss with your workshop. Not sure about red panels on blue …have seen red on green, and red trim on blue, but not sure if red panels on blue would work…..

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