Cruising in a different style


It had been a  bit of a long day to get the boat back to Watford, but that meant after church on  Sunday I should be able to get her most of the way back to Apsley. She was moored alongside the Grove hotel golf club, a lovely little spot. What is more my youngest had seemed keen to join me so I would have some help. During the Saturday evening and Sunday morning he seemed to be getting more and more help lined up, first Cat, then her parents as well.

We agreed to meet at the boat, Cat and Mike having deposited one of their cars where I anticipated we would get to. Lynn and Phil were strangely ordered to bring a barbeque and a couple of seats. Cat and mike turned up with three bags of shopping. Oh they were going to make lunch at some point en route, good idea, cruise, eat, help at locks what more can a boater want.

Well as it was fine weather and past mid day it was decided by all that we should eat first, so on went the charcoal, and Mike and Cat took over the kitchen and started to the burgers from scratch while we, well, just sat on the tow path, drank and chatted.

Out came the starters, very nice too, great accompaniment to the drinks (though my stock of beer was non-existent and the wines were decidedly of questionable quality).

Eventually the burgers went on the grill, together with the prawns, and sausages etc, so while it was cooking we sat, and chatted, and drank.

We weren’t much put off by the bikers and walkers that passed right through our lounge cum dining room, nor were they.

Finally the burgers ( stuffed with cheese) were ready so we piled on the salad, pickles, bread cheeses etc whilst we sat and chatted, and drank.

After a while, about five in the afternoon, Chris turned up and the lads had a go in the kayak while the rest of us sat chatting and drinking (tea and coffee by this time).

Some how all this activity overtook us so we decided we had better stop it, so we packed up, washed up, and went home. Well apart from Chris and I, we couldn’t resist taking her up just a few locks close to home.

There we are, that was just another way of cruising, infinitely more relaxing than the previous day and very social.

2 thoughts on “Cruising in a different style

  1. Hi Steve, Mike, Cat etc…
    Good for you, and the weather seems to having been with you :). So, you were just opening your mouth, and – alas – food/drinks came flying in… All my best…

    • Yes just opening mouths and coud not resist the food (or drink).The weather has been much wetter this week which is good for the rivers and farmers.
      Anyway all the best, steve

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