Leak? what leak?

I bet you have been fretting over whether or not I fitted the new filter without the predicted leaks. Couldn’t wait for my next blog update what?. No, oh well. Here it is anyway, and it is not that interesting for those who were not stood over a hot engine waiting for fuel to come welling over the floor, or squirting into the face of the on-looker, or catching fire or dissolving the soles of the trainers etc.

Well, it didn’t happen! New filter assembly added, replacement cartridges put in, system bled in accordance with instructions and only one small weep. Even that was fixed by a new copper washer.

Disappointingly mundane? It may be for you but I was ecstatic; I was the one standing over the hot engine.

Also new oils and oil filter, and she started and she started the next day and what a lovely afternoon down to Kings Langley and back joining up with nb Squirrel Away through the locks.


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