On reflection

Assuming boats go both ways along canals then a boat must have come out of half of the locks you come to and the lock will be ready for you to enter.

This must be true even when half of them gradually fill and half gradually empty depending on which end leaks most.

Therefore, as from my experience, it seems rare that a lock is ready for me, what I want to know is why are most of the boats going the same way as me and the locks rarely set in the “right” direction? If I am on a long journey I worry that there will be no where to moor in front, leaving a canal devoid of boats behind me! Am I being paranoid? I don’t think so.

Sometimes you can see someone leaving a lock coming your way, and you hope they see you and leave it open for you, saving the trouble of mooring up and reopening it again. They may not see you and close it, even all your jumping up and down, waving frantically and flashing (the tunnel head  light) does not attract their attention. If you are tired and, as usual this is the only boat today going the right way for you, then it can be irritating. It does not lead to canal rage, but perhaps a less than genial greeting to them as they pass.

And it is always “them” that do it. The training boats, the hire boats, the day boats, the birthday party lot who don’t know what they are doing, not keeping a watch properly, don’t care for others. Yes, THEM.

Oh dear, I did it today, I accidentally became one of THEM and HE wasn’t happy.

Perhaps we all need to try to see it fro the other’s point of view.


The Family

The Family

On a lighter note I came across this family of swans. The pen and chicks were mildly curious, looking for an easy source of food. The cob thought he would be more proactive in the search. The picture is taken as he is nipping me, he has a surprisingly strong bite actually.




The cob

The cob

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