en route up north

The problem with a blog is it can become a long list of “what I done”, or “what I’m doing” or even worse “what I might do”. I have always believed in saying nothing unless I have something which I think may be worth hearing. So this not going to be a boring list of canals that I have cruised, locks opened, or even canals that I have fallen into. What I am trying to work out is what do you want to hear (if there is anyone out there that is). Gosh, now there’s a thought, if you are not there then I can say what ever I like … but,  you might be there mmmm.

Getting back to the subject of the blog, yes I am taking some time out from inactive retirement to cruise further up north, at present the boat is at Rugby. You may imagine a Midlands working town, grey and dirty etc, the canal with tyres and supermarket trolleys in it. But no, see the photo, like many of the canals these days they really are very pleasant green routes for walkers, cyclists and boats. Check out the Canal River Trust web site http://canalrivertrust.org.uk/. You can even become a member for a small regular donation. Had you noticed that the last part of the CRT title is “rust”, that’s pretty appropriate for most narrow boat owners.

Canal through Rugby

Canal through Rugby

How come that the boat is at Rugby and I’m in Watford .. well train and bike of course. Now I know that for commuters the train fares are expensive but can I urge you to consider the trains for leisure use. An off peak return from Rugby to Watford was £20. That is about how much it would cost to drive one way, and I could do the crossword whilst travelling, you normally have to wait until the next traffic jam to do that on the motorway. I would have used National Express but their service coverage has really gone down over the years. Unless you want to go to a major city (Watford is not one) or an airport, then expect to have to change many times and spend one or more days getting there. If you don’t believe me try their route planner .. no don’t, I don’t want to ruin our friendship!

What have I been up to on the boat, I will post other updates on this but as a taster : fixing the electrics on the gas stove (yes you read that right), a new switch / fuse panel, fixing and clearing up the two hot water leaks/floods, and beginning to paint Narnia scenes on a cupboard door. I know I can’t paint, that is why it is inside the boat. Also I can’t paint partly because I have never really tried.

Finally what about all that pressure from work, the responsibility not only for the staff but also the patient? Well, next time you walk past a lock, watch the guy opening the paddles and letting 300 tonnes of water out and away, that is how it feels! that’s all my rambling for now, byeee.


3 thoughts on “en route up north

  1. Boss,
    This is wonderful, a very fitting and warming idea. I am so looking forward to seeing them, and you. Much love to all. Jackie. p.s. Ian & Danielle send there love too.

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