Up and running

Well that’ll teach me to do the service when its due, not leave it until when convenient. But with the help of a special tool that screws into the snapped element, a tiny drill bit, a pair of ratchet wrenches, some plusgas, a hammer, a mole wrench, and a deal of prayer, I managed to get the broken bit out. It was huge surprise when it did come out but so pleasing to get the engine started again. Roll on the rest of the service.

My feet below water,

My head in hot air,

I’m down with the engine,

That I hope to repair.

My hands they are aching

As the wrench is held tight,

A twist and a pull,

Each thou is a fight.

Four hours I fought it

Bit did win the bout,

The tool is misnomered

It’s called “Easy-out”!

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