Annex on the water

Its been good to host a few friends, new and newer, on Gentle Breeze this last week. Our house overflowed and we used GB as a nearby annex to put up guests.

Chris flew in from Inverness, Emily drove down and picked him up from the airport, and joined us with her friend from Chorleywood, with Chris Short the baptist minister from Park Street. We had a pleasant cruise in the evening but as Chris J had come straight from a night shift and not slept for over 24 hours I think he must have been glad to  be rocked to sleep on board. I was

Katye and Gwyn

Katye and Gwyn

Meeting the swan family

Meeting the swan family

Gwyn’s friend is staying at the house prior to her wedding and seemed to be taken with the idea of living aboard. However the idea of coping with frozen canals did seem to deter this bubbly young lady from Kansas City.

Other guests are expected soon, but that’s what it’s for. And GB has her name painted on both sides now.

Shy signet

Shy signet

2 thoughts on “Annex on the water

  1. Thanks, I printed the name on several pages, cut it out then traced it onto the back of sticky back plastic. Cut out the letters, cut the paper backing 1/4 inch away from the edge and stuck it on the boat. Then painted in the letters, waited a day and peeled off the plastic. I had to clean off paint that had seeped under the vinyl but it was soft enough to come off with spirit. I am sure a free hand sign writer would have made a better job, but none have got back to me so DIY!

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