Archbishop’s visit to waterways chaplains

Sorry if you missed the iplayer report from BBC, It’s no longer on line. But here is a photo from the report (a bit naughty coz I guess it is copyright)

His Grace on the back of Gentle Breeze

His Grace on the back of Gentle Breeze

The key messages from the visit were 1) The apparently idyllic life style can turn very difficult when poverty, old age, ill health and winter set in. 2) Many of these boat dwellers are virtually invisible to the normal social support systems. 3) The church members today should be going out to the people to help and tell them of the love of God, as Jesus did.

Gentle Breeze played host to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury when he came to hear about the work of the waterways chaplains.

Archbishop on Gentle Breeze

Archbishop on Gentle Breeze

The Rev's and Graces on their way

The Rev’s and Graces on their way


I guess never has GB seen so many teas and coffees brewed so quickly in her small galley.  That is because the visitors to the towpath at Hunton Bridge included two Bishops, of Hertford and St Albans, an Arch deacon a number of other Rev’s, the press (two lots) and PA’s of the various offices. Oh I nearly forgot, the 5 or so chaplains and one boater that has been helped out by the chaplaincy.

Gentle Breeze made the right impression when His Grace was told that a family of four had lived on her at one time. She is quite comfy for one, but it can be seen that bringing up two teenagers must have been quite difficult for that family.

All went off fine, helped by loads of doughnuts, biscuits and chocolate cake.

Chaplains, all aboard

Chaplains, all aboard

Mrs Chester's canal boat cake, was just about to be

Mrs Chester’s canal boat cake, was just about to be “sunk” by very grateful chaplaiins and bishops

7 thoughts on “Archbishop’s visit to waterways chaplains

    • It was a bit surreal. A nice fellow, really concerned about those who drop off the bottom of the social ladder..I did get to show him over the boat and discuss tryign to keep warm in winter. I hope all is well with you and family. I don’t hear much from BPL these days, I either left it OK or made such a hash that they don’t want to ask!!

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