Job of the day, change the antifreeze

Cozy afternoon?

Cozy afternoon?

Standing in the bilges with the water round my feet,

The drill pump it is slipping and the cable very wet,

The bucket falling over with the coolant very hot,

And electrocutions coming and that’ll be my lot.

What a lark, very dark

My back is close to breaking my hands are sorely cut,

I’m sitting on the counter with a bolt head in my butt,

Anti freeze is dribbling in my socks and in my shoes,

And it splashes where the sun don’t shine as well as up my nose.

What a game, very lame.

Why pay a good mechanic when I’ll do it all for free?

Apart from cups of coffee and numerous cups of tea,

But that makes me sit cross legged, a contortionist as well,

What relief when it is finished as my head it starts to swell.

What a job, saved a bob.

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