See sun and surf

This was the early morning scene at Winkwell as I set off on the final day to get the boat back to the marina, the same day as the boat race, Easter Day. The previous day I’d come down through the ancient town of Berkhamsted, where Norman the Conker had built a castle for  his brother.


The weather was rather back to front for an Easter day. As you see it started sunny and bright, and as you may have seen from  the coverage of the boat race it finished with squalls, lightening and heavy rain. I go caught at the last lock before the marina. The poor boat was heaving on the end of a line, the hail was layering on me and the boat, there  were waves in the lock, but hey ho, get wet, get dry again. I did duck when the lightening cracked across the sky seemingly just above my head, but I’m not sure what good that would do.

Anyway why do I think the weather was back to front? Well the first Easter day started with rather a black mood. Two days earlier the sky had turned black and there had been a minor earthquake. On the Sunday the women went to the grave in somber mood to complete the burial rites. But by the end of the day the mood had turned to a mixture of joy, elation and expectation of great things to come.

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