Canvas Blues



Kinver Canopies

This picture was taken some years ago just after getting GB painted. Since then successive winters has resulted in algae growing on the canvas of the canopy. Now you would think the remedy would be easy, wash it off. No that does not work. Algae sticks, that is what it does, it sticks when it grows, its green when it grows, it sticks when it dies and its black when it dies. Thus my canopy was a mixture of blue and green and black. the only thing algae doesn’t stick to are the windows which are easily kept clean with a soft damp cloth.

Last year I took the canopy off and scrubbed it, jet washed it, rubbed it. No, the algae is used to rain and water and it still sticks. In desperation I tried mould remover. Now you must understand that mould is fungi and fungi is not algae. They are not the same so when you use mould remover on algae, well the algae … sticks! Dead or alive, green or black it still sticks.

So I sat down and thought again, how was I going to restore the blue of my canopy, I really did not want to resort to bleach because I did not want to bleach the canvas, the canopy must stay blue! Now algae are plant like. Bio washing powders claim to remove plant stains and are not damaging to material and have no bleach. So the answer was clear, take the canopy off, put it in the bath at home and soak it with bio washing powder overnight. Take it out on the lawn and hose and scrub it down and leave to dry.

Oh what joy to see so much grime come off the canvas! Yes there are some patches and it is not as new but it is all blue! Yes all of the canvas is blue. The sides, the top, the front and back and the WINDOWS! The windows have gone a gentle milky blue colour ARHHHHH!

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