Travelling the Brest / Nantes canal

I spent a week in France doing the Brest/Nantes canal in Brittany.


Brest Nantes canal near Josselin

Now when I say “doing” I use that word in the same context as our overseas visitors “Do” London or even “Do” Europe. We had a short but pleasant walk in the autumn afternoon sun along the path. The canal was built to maintain a connection between the military ports of Nantes and Brest when the pesky Brits blockaded Napolean I’s port of Brest.

I would have cruised the whole canal in the week apart from 4 small reasons. First it would be well over 200 miles long, secondly there are un-navigable parts en route, thirdly French locks are closed for the winter now, and finally we didn’t have a boat. So a short walk sufficed to “Do” the Brest / Nantes canal this time. Maybe another year.dscn5972



2 thoughts on “Travelling the Brest / Nantes canal

  1. Steve, enjoyed your visit immensely, promise you will let us know when your boat is here so we can enjoy the canal with you!! Just one tiny point – Nantes is always spelt with an ‘s’ at the end…..

    Martin and Di …

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