Blue tooth blues

I had a great little gift at Christmas, one to stop me getting earphone cables wrapped around the windlass while locking at the same time as listening to the Archers. A pair of Blue tooth earphones. I have been setting them up for other use as well at home. Here is an update on my progress.


Now I’m a man of olden school where wires reign supreme

I can knit them altogether to make my audio stream

but now we have this blue tooth and I cant see where it goes

I cant see what’s not working there’s just little coloured glows.

A gift I had at Christmas was a set of blue-tooth phones

A great relief from tanglement of wired ones I own

Which I caught once in mixer blade when making pastry snacks

They tasted rather salty, may have been the aural wax.

I ordered a transmitter, a receiver’s what they sent

In lights of blue and red it talks but I don’t know what is meant

I put it on the lap top jack to send my music out

But I think it’s thinking that’s not right please turn me all about.

But laptops have their own blue tooth, and so too does my phone

So I plugged the blinking blinking thing into my hifi cone

Now they all communicate I’m in the modern world

But instead of gorgeous melody I am a bit disturbed.

The hifi play is stuttering, alternate bars are missed

The lap top plays a different tune, or else a different verse

A blue-tooth in my left ear cracks, the sound is pretty dire

And my phone is getting hot and about to catch on fire.

With all my dongles dangling, with LEDs all flashing bright

And raucous sound I could be at a ruddy disco night

I’m sure these phones are want I want, they’re also what I need

But off they go and down I sit, the directions sheet to read.

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