The contractors have been working under the M25 bridge for years. they have ow taken to using a cherry picker over the canal to do whatever they are doing. I wonder how this valley of the river Gade looked like before the canal, motorway and railway were here. The old route north did not run along this valley but further east through St Albans. but this valley afforded a more gentle incline for the canal and railway. At this point the meadows are between the ancient villages of Abbots and Kings Langleys (long glades or meadows).


M25 maintenance

Yesterday I was the only boat moving. It was even harder than normal to resist the urge to do boat doughnuts at this wide part of the cut.  I will one day!


Doughnut pool

I had been doing a bit of litter picking as I went through the locks. Canal and River Trust workmen were doing some lock maintenance which includes repainting the sill markers. Apparently they find that brick paint does not last long, ironically they have also found that graffiti is difficult to remove. So they are now trialing spray aerosols to paint the markers, seems sensible to me, drys quick too. Expecting a storm so GB’s back in the marina for now.

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