Keeping up to scratch

The point has come when the rust is breaking through all over the roof and whatever job I do it will not look much worse than if I leave it. So now is the time to have a go.

There is loads of advice out there and about as many combinations of the “ideal” tool for stripping paint as there are tool companies.


Of course they all need power and create dust so first off I moved the boat under the M25 to be away from other boats yet in the dry. I also took down my generator, which I can hardly lift.

So what progress is there after 2 days? What have I learnt?


The M25 is noisy to work and sleep under. The M25 bridge is having its own makeover with sand blasters going all day.


The sanders, electric cup brushes, grinders, multitools all make loads of noise, dust and sparks, but take ages to cut through the hard gloss finish.

A thirty year old chisel and upper body effort does the job in the same time, that is slowly, and makes less mess.


So after 2 days over half of the roof is stripped, one third is rust treated and a quarter has primer on it. A few days to go yet before I get to painting it. But what colour, that is a question for another day.


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