Last word on painting the roof

I think I have stumbled on a previously unrecognised fact relating to the moon. According to wixipedia a chap called Gilbert in 1892 proposed that the craters on the moon were caused by impacts from meteors. I have checked the NASA site and they seem to believe him. Well I now think differently.

My theory, backed up by observation, suggests that different forces were involved. I think that when the moon was created it was a smooth globe and the Creator wanted it to reflect the light at night to earth. Therefore He took pains to paint it a nice silvery moon grey. Let us call it a light Admirable Grey. However as soon as He turned his back the last of the interstellar water decided to rain onto the lovely smooth surface and leave pock marks all over it.

I know this because when I got back to my boat, having abandons painting it yesterday due to rain stopping paint, I found the surface in a similar state. Instead of a nice smooth Admiral Grey it has dozens of tiny craters.

But I think I may have the last laugh, they are small but super grippy to walk on, it may be a new way to produce a non-slip roof surface!


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