On painting the roof, continued

On my last update I said I had nearly finished. I had nearly finished so I just wanted to get the final coat applied.

The last week of August should be perfect. I turned up to find that although moored safely under the bridge the roof was soaking wet. That transported me back in my mind to school days and starting of the new academic year. On the first day of term, the earliest you had got out of the house for weeks, experiencing the chill and dampness but also the early sun playing on the dew of the grass. The trepidation and uncertainty of the new year being mimicked by the low sun reflecting on the road making it a little difficult to see where one was going.

I digress from painting. Realising that the bridge was no longer the best place I decided to take the boat back to the marina for the last coat of paint. After all I would not be causing much of a nuisance by applying a top coat.

All I needed was a cool day, preferably cloudy and no rain. We had the hottest late bank holiday for many years. Even in hazy sun the origal dark blue parts of the roof were reaching 42C, and the newly painted light “grey” was at least 6C cooler. Nevertheless the paint should not be applied at temperatures above 35C, so I would have to wait.

At last Thursday delivered a good forecast. The temperature and wind had dropped, there were intermittent clouds and the dew evaporated promptly. After a quick once over with the sander I started to paint, the final coat with a brush, nice and thick.

The clouds drifted away. The roof started to heat up. It got to 34C. This was not in the forecast. I covered up the unpainted part of the roof with a duvet. It got warmer until I was about to stop when it started to cloud up again and the roof cooled. I sighed with relief and refilled my paint tray. I had almost done one third of the roof, when something cold hit my hand, then another. All around the boat the water started boiling with rain drops. A crash of thunder sounded as I desperately covered the paint tray and tin. I grabbed the duvet and yanked up the canopy. So much for weather forecasting and finishing the roof.

Oh well, another day.

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