Reuse again

My temporary repair to the bilge hose would probably have been sufficient to do the job but if not, and the boat sunk then the insurers would probably claim the boat was not “sea worthy”. Now they use this get out clause whenever they can. There have been boats that have broken down on an estuary and sunk when an un-forecasted storm has hit. The insurers claim the boat should not have been out in the storm. It would not have been if it had not broken down. In other words if you can foresee and prevent all eventualities then the insurance is valid, and not needed!

Well coming back to my repair of my hose by taping a vinyl glove around it, I decided as I was passing the chandlers at Uxbridge I should buy a new hose.


For those wondering why you need a pump in the engine bay I shall explain. First of all the engine is under the loosely fitted deck boards. In England it rains. Most of that water goes down drain channels but as we all know waterproofs leak, just like us getting rain down our necks in heavy rain so the water gets down into the engine bay.

Secondly there is the hole in the back of the boat. Rowing boats, sailing boats and paddle steamers use a sensible means of propulsion whereby the force is applied above the water line. But for boats with an inboard engine there is the need to pass the propeller shaft out through a hole in the hull, normally below the water line. There is a gland with a seal and it is normally set up to allow a mall amount of water to drip through to lubricate the seal surface. During the day the drip can become a dribble and if left unadjusted the dribble becomes a trickle. Moor up for a couple of weeks and you can come back to a sunken vessel. Hence the pump and its automatic float switch. There are other sources of water like waves on rough estuaries and forgetting to secure the weed hatch properly but that will do for now.


Enough about technicalities, I thought it best to get a new hose. I measured it as a 1 inch diameter hose. I bought a 1 inch hose. Later that day I moored up and found that the existing hose had somehow shrunk to a ¾ inch hose. I have yet to find a tape measure that I can rely on. On searching my bits and bobs box (don’t all men have one?) for some adapters I came across a length of ¾ inch washing machine drain hose. It does the job, does anyone want some 1 inch hose?

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