Run in to Little Venice

Travelling into London one comes across this odd looking “island” with its Middlesex shield. The barriers each side give the clue that it is an aquaduct. In fact this is one of the quietest ways of crossing the North Circular road.


A sideways glance provides a view of the traffic below, oblivious to the relative calm of the canal crossing above them.


As an undergrad I visited the Greenford site of the pharmaceutical company Glaxo. A job in the industry evaded me for a few years but I always remembered that visit, and the rather merry students on the minibus on the way home. It was many years ago but it seems I am wearing a little better than the site which is being demolished. Mind it has looked sad and neglected for a few years.


At the festival there was the usual pageants and activities. Of which the most spectacular is the Sunday evening illuminated boat parade. It will probably be the same again next year, as is my annual commitment to give it a miss next year.

DSCN7861However if one gets a little bored then there is always the world championship snooker to watch on board.DSCN7854


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