Having found the supplier where I bought them I said I noticed the three extinguishers have a due test date of 2017. He says yes but they are 5 years old. So I say yes so can you test them. He says no, we can’t test powder extinguishers, do you want new ones? I say what happens to the old ones? He says they get scrapped. So  I say why does it say they are due to be tested. He says that only applies to water and foam, there is also a yearly check due by date that I should have been looking at. So I say what is the difference between a check and a test. He says to check them we weigh them and look at the gauge we can’t test them,  do I want new ones? So I say I have no choice. So he says look if you get two of the 2 kg ones it saves you money and they are now even higher capacity, more than you need for your boat. So I think, helpful guy and say yes that’s fine, how much? He says well as you have been giving me grief about having to chuck the others away I will give you discount and make it £50 for two. I think nice man and pay up, except it now increases by £10 because I was talking total, he was talking net of VAT.. He says you might as well keep the old ones coz they will still work, I just can’t certify them. So now I have a total of 6 old and two new ones (yes I still have the previous set off the boat.). Anyway I get back to the boat, fit in two new ones and just for luck keep one old one in case. I get home satisfied that I am way over the requirements for safety to find that no, not only do the regs require a certain capacity, but also number of extinguishers, I am now one certified extinguisher short. So I get on line to find out how much it will cost me, yes they are an awful lot cheaper on line. Well I still need another small one to meet the regs. But if I buy on line can I be sure that the locals will test, sorry check it next year. Why has everything got to be so convoluted? Nice swan though.



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