Burning issue

Interior winter 2011_12

The topic of air quality is itself ‘in the air’. My boat like many others is fitted with a solid fuel burner which can burn wood or ‘smokeless fuel’. There are alternative ways to heat the interior, but which to choose.

Burning solid smokeless fuel releases CO2, sulphur and smoke particles. Burning dried wood, produced locally and in a sustainable manner does not add to CO2, but still adds to smoke pollution.

One could fit a diesel heater but that also emits CO2 but less smoke and I have no idea about the particle production.

One could fit a propane heater. That does not add to particles or smoke but propane is a fossil fuel and adds to CO2.

One also has to consider that the manufacture of a new heater adds to global warming.

There are two other options, one is don’t use the multi fuel stove, just switch the gas oven on and put up with the condensation, CO2 production and possible CO poisoning. The other is don’t use any form of heating, don an extra jumper,  feel cold, smug and miserable.

Do you remember Fagin’s song in the Oliver Twist musical .. “I am reviewing the situation”? The following is my version, though not a very close copy.

I am reviewing the situation

On how to heat my boat without the smoke

Coz Mr Gove says my stove

is bad and wood will have to go

so I can put in a gas burner

which burns a flame that is much cleaner

but uses up a fossil gas

which adds to all the carbon mass

and canals dry out for lack of rain ……

I think I’d better think it out again.

I am reviewing the situation

On how to heat my boat and still be green

By using local kiln dried wood

the carbon footprint can be good

but there is still a little smoke

on which the passers by may choke

instead of logs in my pile

should the trees be left a while

and leave the forests just the same? …..

I think I’d better think it out again.

I am reviewing the situation

On how to boat while being warm and green

If I don’t use a wood burn stove

I can then please Michael Gove.

If I just don another woolly

with all flesh covered fully.

But what about the frozen milk

and all the bugs to make me sick

and I’ll end up with aches and pain,

I think I’d better think it out again.

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