Floored by the floor

Well the good news is that there is no visible water below the floor boards, in board that is. Thus the boat is not sinking, but where is the water coming from?
One technique that I was taught was to ask opposing questions such as: where is the water, where isn’t the water; when does the water appear, when does the water not appear; who is around when there is water, who isn’t around when there is water. So let me thy that.
The water was on the floor not the ceiling, it appeared when I wasn’t looking and can’t be seen if I don’t look, the water is there when I am and I haven’t got a clue if it is there when I am not, but I guess that it is. I don’t think that method has helped for this problem.

So I tried another technique, i.e. what had changed just before the problem occurred. Well it was OK six weeks ago and since then it has been frosty, rainy, windy, I had moved the boat and I accidentally left it unlocked for a few days. So it could have been a frozen pipe, rain driven in through a vent or leaky window frame. It could have been some strange form of vandalism where the only damage is several litres of water poured on the carpet. Nope that method didn’t help either.
What if I could see where the water was coming from? The problem is that when you have a big patch of water stretching to the side walls and that patch is under a vent and also the toilet plumbing it could have come from any of these directions, as long as they were down hill. I pressurised the water system, oh joy no leaks but no help either. I sat as it rained and looked for drips from the vents, no. I felt around the windows, no. Then I heard it, the unmistakable drip, drip of water. At last I was on to it, like a detective flowing the trail of clues. I stealthily followed the sound, hardly daring to breath. Near the window, no a bit further back, towards the back, near the door, somewhere just up the steps. I followed it, by now I was putting my head out of the door, this can’t be right. Somewhere over the side maybe. Pushing my head between the canvas canopy I looked along the side of the boat and saw the rain drip, dripping into the canal. Yes, a false trail again.
It’s no good, the source has eluded me this time. So tomorrow I am arming myself with a gun and intend to bung up every little channel and crack that I can see on the outside with silicone sealant. And if that doesn’t do it I may consider solving the problem by mooring the boat in a deep part of the canal and drilling a big hole to let the water out.

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