Ups and downs

I was looking at some ponies in a field on a very rainy and windy day. They just stood and bore the weather. Were they hoping that it would abate, were they thinking back to the sunny days just gone and looking forward to spring? Were they thinking anything or just reacting as a leaf reacts to the wind that blows it? I have no idea if animals have any concept of good days and bad, the ups and downs.
However I find it really makes a difference to try to balance the down days with the knowledge that all is relative to the good days, unless of course it is all very bad all of the time. I used to cycle in the fenlands, there were no hills to struggle up, but no glorious down hills to swoop carefree down. But even then there were head winds but turn around there were tail winds to push you back home.
I have never been a good hill climber on a bike therefore in Wales or the Lake district I frequently found myself wondering why or why was I struggling up another hill. The view from the top and the descent would briefly remind me, until I got to the bottom of the next incline.
So with the weather, day and night, summer and winter, rest and busyness there are natural balances, feasts and famines, the cycle of nature.
The rain this week needs to continue if we are not going to suffer a severe shortage for the canals, and everything else, in the south east this summer. So it has been quite pleasing to see it. On a dry day I spent some time along the tow path in my role as a Waterways chaplain, that is looking out to give what ever help we can offer. I finished by visiting the my boat for the first time in a couple of days. Taking my muddy bike shoes off on the rear deck I descended looking forward to getting warm and having lunch aboard. At the bottom of the steps inside my chilly feet immediately got colder on the mat. To be precise they got colder because they got wet. The mat was wet. The carpet tiles under the mat were wet. The floor boards under the tiles was wet. The the floor of the aft/stern/rear half of the boat was wet. Was it rain entering through a leaky window or driven in through a vent. Perhaps domestic water leaking after a frost? Maybe those old disused deck skin fittings letting water in, or a hole in the hull?
Oh well, lunch would have to wait and if it had been caused by a rainy day, at least there would probably be a dry day coming along when it could be fixed and dried out. I”ll change my socks first though.

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