On reading the paper


Anne used to read the paper

Whilst seated on the floor,

Before the ‘lecky fire,

Next to the patio door.



Her legs tucked underneath her,

One elbow held past straight

Propped her as she studied

The news upon that date.


We took it quite for granted,

Anne seated on the floor,

Absorbing high brow thoughts and views

Considering all she saw.


But ‘lecky fires and sunny spots

In front of patio doors,

Will entice the bearer of

The fluffy tail and paws.


The cat had other uses of

A warm spot by the door,

Wandering o’er the paper

Before sinking to the floor.


Anne would move the cat aside,

To turn a page or more,

But he’d return with tail held high

To brush her face once more.


I never knew who won this game,

A truce is what I saw,

And well recall the both of them,

Warm, cozy on the floor.


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