Mysterious Present

Mysterious Present

Mysterious Present

Two people were overheard talking on Boxing day.

“I’ve been sent this great present from some one I’ve hardly heard of, but I’m not sure what it’s for or how to use it.”

“Oh, have you? Why don’t you know how?.”

“Well I can’t be bothered with the instructions and no one has told me how to use it. But I think it is supposed to be quite good so I should be grateful I think.”

“Have you unwrapped it?”

“yes, I’ve had a quick look but it looks complicated and might take more time than I can spare to master it.”

“Can I have a look?”

“Yes help yourself.”

“Oh, I see what you mean, it comes with plenty of instructions in four slightly different versions each with multiple chapters and several appendices. I guess the versions explain different aspects of it, Has no one helped you understand it? Perhaps no one else got one.”

“I think lots of people have been given it, but you’re right, no one has explained it to me. I think some got theirs years ago and just take it for granted that everyone else understands, or keeps quiet because they are afraid to ask, or maybe just haven’t got the time to bother with it.”

“Good point,I haven’t heard about it. Let me see it again. You know, I think you don’t really need to read all those instructions to begin to get it working, maybe later. It goes something like this. First the giver gave it to you because he really loves you, personally, he chose it for you, this is most important for you to know.

Secondly he gave it to you exactly because you have not been getting on with him, and probably will continue to have problems that way, even  when and if you try, it’s your nature. Thirdly he gave it to you so that you can understand it and help others, in all sorts of ways. Finally I notice that the last instruction here is to share it with others and help them understand how it works.”

“That’s some Christmas present, and from someone that I hardly know.”

“Great isn’t it, see you about, and don’t forget the last instruction.”

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