The Return

The return

I had a dream that was so vivid. I was an observer of the things that happened and played no part in the story.

 There was a village in a hilly area. The area near the village had fields surrounded by dry stone walls. The land was as you see in the peak district or Yorkshire dales, perhaps also in parts of Wales. It was green, lush, with few inhabitants, not lonely but with little in the way of strangers or visitors. Here your friends are important.

One day a small television crew arrived. They were walking along the road at the outskirts of the village. They found a teenage lad, about 15 years old. They wanted to know if he knew of another lad who was about his age now. He had left the village long years ago. The lad listened carefully. They described how the other boy was just coming back now. They started to describe him hoping the lad would know him and be able to tell the crew more about his life in the village before he left. As the boy listened he felt a welling up of hope that he dared not even hope for. Could they be talking about his friend who went away and he had not seen or heard from for many years?

As he listened he began to realise that this must be the news that he had even forgotten he had hoped for.

At then from behind the crew the other lad walked up. No words passed between them as they embraced. The love of brothers welled up and overtook them as tears of joy rolled down their faces and silent sobs racked their embrace. Nothing, not the years, not the differences not the presence or absence of others would change one element of the depth of exchange in this silent exchange of love.

 To me it tells of reconciliation. It tells of Jesus finding us again. It tells that he is prepared to meet us as an equal, not equal in power or knowledge or experience. But if we are humble then he will meet us there. If we love without question then he will meet us there too. I have not worked out which lad represents human and which represents Jesus. Maybe both, or either, depending on our current situation.

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