The boat is not just one headache!

there is no boating news whist GB is at the painters so this is a bit more history ( a cautionary tale about drinking or boating, I know not which). I am updating my musings now and then as well.

I have to say that doing up this boat has had its ups and downs. It has not been all one long headache but n the autumn I was getting headaches, literally. Now I do like a little tipple, sometimes when on the boat and I have finished boating and driving for the day. It was not the beer but I had seemed to develop a reaction against whiskey, which was becoming a favourite tipple. Now these headaches got rather bad on occasions, even when I had not had a drink. I began to think it may have something to do with the boat but I was not using gas on board, there was a carbon monoxide detector fitted and anyway I did not get a headache every time I used the boat.

As the autumn drew on I twice finished in twilight and used a torch to find and tweak up the stern gland. On both occasions I was surprised by the amount of oil mist in the engine room. The only ventilation is the air intake to the engine which of course is then expelled via the exhaust pipe through the skin. Now the cooler the days the more I was tending to use the canopy and the more enclosed I was as a result. Could I be breathing in fumes I wondered, if so what is the answer?

I found that there are fans called bilge or engine room blowers, designed to remove fumes from engine rooms, especially important for enclosed engine rooms on sea going vessels.

Well, I have fitted one which can be switched on to clear the fumes. Because I have no means to cut a 75 mm hole in the skin I have piped it up through the deck boards and over the side (under the canopy). Although you can buy the flexible ducting I found that the 75 mm domestic rain water pipe works quite well enough. The motor is mounted on the swim counter, sitting on vibration absorbing rubber matting with a knuckle bend taking the pipe straight up through the deck and another knuckle turning over the side. It is not elegant, next time she is blacked I may get a skin wall fitting inserted to take the duct directly out.

Does it work?. Don’t know, I have not had any more headaches ( a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning)  but then I have used the canopy less and not drunk much whiskey either. You decide!