March Blacking

Once in two to three years the boat has to be taken out of the water and the bottom of the hull painted with a black bitumen paint to stop it rusting. Alloy anodes are attached to the hull because tend to corrode rather than the steel.But they have to be renewed once they become worn.

So with the help of Phil we took her up to Cowroast Marine Engineering.


She also needed a hull survey so while waiting for the surveyor I sent for a walk to the Ashridge estate that over looks the valley. On the estate there is a monument to the third  Duke of Bridgewater, one of the main founders of the canals in Britain. Although the Grand Union Canal which it overlooks was after his time.



It is a lovely estate to while away some time and they do a great breakfast, though I am not sure about their source of mushrooms.


The views are pretty good, even in Spring before the bluebells bloom.


At the end of the week I collected GB and she positively shone (underneath, the top needs a wash). Daren had added the new anodes, they are the grey bits, and welded two patches on the hull. There is hardly any original hull that has not been patched. If I were to rename her she might end up being called Trigger’s Broom.


That’s a proper job