Long relaxing weekend

Friday it took me 5 hours to move her 9 locks down to Ricky and 50 minutes to cycle back home. Saturday it took us about 6 hours to move her 7 locks down to Packet boat Marina, and 50 minutes to drive home (well that was via the chandlers in Uxbridge).

Sunday was all together more sedate. It began with and fantastic sunrise, then church being thankful for creation, to pray for others in need and to gain direction and support for the coming week. The back to GB for a bit more maintenance and to begin to get her ready for painting. I’m still not sure what colour scheme will be best though. Amongst the folk met, helped, who helped me and with whom chatted, was one who has a boat once owned by Rolt. About the same age as mine but by gum I should not grumble about the amount of work that needs doing when I see the immense task faced by others. Other updates are on log and visitors pages.