How delicately we should tread


No tales of cruising this time as my trip was rather cut short due to a bug, not diesel bug but tummy bug that laid me up for three days on the boat until kindly rescued and driven home by kindly Lynn. But whilst recuperating who could avoid taking note that spring is here, hence the pics of some flowers whilst I pass on some surprising, to me at least,  good news.


Being laid up in bed, or on the floor of the boat trying to light the stove, gives one chance to think, and worry about things like our wonderful environment and what we do to it. At present there is much talk about diesel pollution particularly minute particles and the harm to health that they cause. My boat has an old, old BMC engine the type they used to put in Leyland vans and Indian taxis. They smoke, mainly when cold but they smoke. So I got to wondering, ney worrying, what could I do about it. A new engine would cause disproportionate environmental harm due to having to make it. Getting rid of the boat is another option .. mmm. So I looked up references to types of exhaust treatments for small boats. Nothing was obvious but it seems all very confusing. Some employ scrubbers to do it, well that sounded a bit nefarious to me, anyway how do you get a scrubber? An ad in the local paper, “wanted a scrubber to help me stop smoking”?  Then there are cat converters, that sounds just cruel.


Soot filters, wet exhaust systems, DPFs and other things were mentioned like auto regeneration or passive regeneration. Both of which I was feeling that I could do with at the time, like some Dr Who character. Then I thought to call the experts on these boat engines to see if they would retro fit something to the boat. Put my money where my mouth is so to speak, or spend. Calcutt Boats, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. And the answer is..

DSCN6492Well the answer is these engines are so old that they don’t generate much in the way of small dangerous particles that get into the blood stream. They are so sooty that particles are too big and as you are out in the open they are not a concern and that is why nobody bothers. They also offered free advice on how to maintain for lowest possible smoking. Good old Calcutt, they would be happy to take my money to retro fit something but don’t worry. I’ll go out and take some more pictures of flowers and the moon while I recover from the bug.