Venice and back

What a spectacle is the Little Venice canal cavalcade!

smallest boat i nthe show

It was my trip last year to Little Venice that got me thinking seriously about getting a narrow boat. So this year I just had to go back with my own boat (albeit not painted as I had hoped).

Sandra and Gordon helped me take it from Ricky down to Packet Lane on a drizzly Saturday, nevertheless we had an enjoyable day.

sunset at Litle Venice

The following Friday evening I completed the five hour leg  down to Paddington and was very glad of the help given by Phil in finding my mooring in the pool, Lynn for cooking a hot meal and the real ale tent for a decent pint! You can  not say canal festivals are exciting, but then if exciting is what you are after then canals are not for you. But  for striking up friendships, getting advice and watching really skilled helmsmanship there is no beating it.

boat handling competition

There is something for all who are interested. I needed solid fuel, I just hailed a passing 70 foot working boat and it was delivered to my bow, entertainment, just sit on the roof, supping mulled wine and watch the illuminated boat parade pass within feet,

always something happening, slowly

lighter boat

or listen to the band on the island.

takes all sorts

For artistic skill the decoration of the many of boats varies from intricate to ostentatious, often with a deal of traditional Roses and Castles painting and the inevitable brass work and laced plates. And Sunday there were the church services in the tent or on the classroom boat, with live music throughout the weekend.

I have to say that the trip down and back was pretty uneventful, apart from a diesel dripping from an injector, (fixed with advice from Ralph, thanks) and a rubble bag getting wrapped around the prop, which did not take too much cutting away. I must upgrade my prop clearing tools.

However many of us are lucky to have our boats as potential holiday homes, along the canals you sometimes see signs of those not so fortunate.

home under the flyover

So next its up to Ricky festival, enjoy some of the photos.

spot GB in the thick of it