Cleaning mushrooms

I took the boat down to central Watford, or at least as close as the Canal gets in Cassiobury Park. Originally the seat of the Earl of Essex (the Capels) the canal runs right through what used to be their grand gardens and deer park. Unfortunately, from a heritage point of view, death duties did for the family in the 1920’s and the house and formal gardens are no more. Instead the open park and golf course is enjoyed by thousands of residents and visitors every year. And there are housing estates built on what used to be the grounds of the house.

DSCN6571The weather was just right for a quiet cuppa and a bit of TLC. Listening to the Kitchen Cabinet (Radio 4 chaired by J Rainer) I was amused to hear the responses as whether or not one should peel, brush or wash mushrooms before using them. Brush them was the advice. Well that advice didn’t help me. I sat on top of the boat for over 3 hours with Brasso and all sorts of mild abrasives to try to get a bit of shine back into the mushroom vents.


However the brass bands looked OK on the chimney.

Well I was just enjoying a bit of peace and quiet and thinking of making a coffee when I looked out the back and saw what looked like a boater coming along with the intention of ramming me. It was definitely lined up and closing. He then had the audacity to blast me on some noisy claxon (I know what he got for Christmas!).



Then I realized it was Phil on Persephone with Lynne pulling up for coffee, which turned out to be a very nice evening meal as well.



Having fed me last night they have bumbled off today leaving me in peace and quiet, and having to sort my own diner out. I think I’ll get some mushrooms to cook.