All wrapped up in a duvet

Anne in Bluebell wood 2010

Saturday 21st April. On my way back to London towards Little Venice and Cavalcade. It was a typical April day with noticably more traffic, especially coming up. The first three of todaay’s 10 locks were set for me and open, wonderful!. The gongoozlers were out in force at Casio Iron Bridge lock, but they were eager to handle the gates for me. All good fun.

My thanks  for the day go to Peter and Valerie Hodges of nb Ruby (fellow BCF members) who turned their hands to getting me out of a fix. I was about to go down Croxley Lock but as two were coming up and the moorings were full I was holding GB off mid channel. The first nb went past in front of Ruby, the helmsman said something about plastic that I did not catch, nb passed and GB stalled mid channel, grrr. Peter imediately reversed up and held GB in against another boat  and spotted the “foreign object” tucked about my stern. He heaved and yanked, I cut bits off from round the prop via the weed hatch whilst Valerie held Ruby steady againt GB. Peter soon had the offending duvet untangled, what a horid tangled soggy mess it was! So thanks Peter and Valerie for sorting me out.

The rest of the day ws uneventful apart fo ra lovely ride back to the car. I took in Lees Wood that Anne and I used to visit. The bluebells were out and the birds singing loudly. So peaceful, God’s creation is wonderful.