Jackie and Ian

One of the best things about the boat is being able to share the peace with others, whether they be friends, colleagues or new aquaintances. I suppose there was a time when having a car was rare and had the same novelty factor. The difference here, though, is the quiet and slow speed. In fact to some extent you taking a step backwards.

The bikers, and even many walkers, will pass you, especially at the locks. You are no longer the superiior of travel in terms of speed or distance. There is always a posher looking boat than yours. Due to age, there is always something going wrong or dropping off (of the boat I mean). So it is a humbling experience. Yet there is generally someone to talk to, and company, even if it is only the many spiders that come abooard uninvited.

This weekend Jackie and Ian Pickens joined me for a morning cruise. The item on the Visitors Page has another photo of them.