The Wedding

Mike and Cat cut the cake(s)

There has been a bit of a lull in the blog updates due to preparations for the wedding of Mike and Cat on 4th June. GB was stationed near the reception in Boxmoor to catch any guest swho decided at the last moment that they had no where to stay and could not get home. There were two, both cousins of Mike’s who spent what was left of the night kipping on the boat having beign ably excorted by best Man Chris, down the moon lite tow path. We were not sure we coudl get the unsteady two  onto GB without them ending up in the water but t was managed and they were soon fast asleep while we finished off the various bits of buiness on the night.

The day went swimmingly (well  it did unfortunately rain as the happy pair came out of church for photos which were finished off inside the church and at reception, where the sun came out.).


Mike had arranged transport to and from by various means see photos, and a good time was had with a real sense of meldign of two families. Well done to Lynn, Phil, Cat Helen Mike and Chris for great organisation.


Gwyn looked stunning and we had a real sense that Anne not only would have approved but more oso was somehow participating in spirit. The boys’ (old and young) speaches went down a treat.


See some more photos later when the file uploader starts working again