These pages are thoughts, dreams and other short passages of mine that I am happy to share with others.

Some things are just plainly wrong, others obviously right, and all the rest, well my thoughts on that below.

Mirror mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest of them all?

“You are, this is what you think you see,

And thus you do agree with me.”

“But if I said another’s fair,

To whom your youth does not compare,

You’d state you firmly disagree,

And would not put your trust in me.”

“And so with subjects high and low,

You seek opinion just to know

Your preformed thoughts are always right,

And others lack your deep insight.”

“So when you think that someone’s wrong,

Think deep and high, and wide and long,

Try to look from other’s view,

And you may see a lovelier you.”

1 thought on “Musings

  1. Remembering:

    As we travel new passages in life and meet new friends along the way, I in particular am lucky to remember my friends whom I don’t allow to go astray. People who mean a lot to me, and through years provided guidance, tolerance and love. People like my boss, who had patience, and understanding when others may have note. I often remember fondly the good, the bad and the sad times shared with friends, but positively tell myself, there is a reason for everything, which becomes clearer after the event!. If you can do one thing today, please do this for me, smile at a stranger and nod your head and say good day……’s amazing how some will think you are mad, but will smile back in the same way…..

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