Dawn, a new year’s morn


At dawn the yellow orange disc appears

And chases out our night time fears

It casts a light on eastward face

And holds westward trunks in silhouette.


The wren and robin raise their song

The cold chill night they suffered long

Before they feed their thanks they give

A new years day, a chance to live.


At night our dreams whirl though our head

Images play soundless, or evil’s said,

As we drop off the downy cliff

Worrie’s bungees jerk us back to life.


Our body pleads for for gentle sleep

Rues and woes do harvest reap,

Ear ringing loudest in the still,

‘Til rain drops splatter on the sill.


Then sweetly comes that inner dawn

That sleep had come and now is morn

Once more the troubles of the night

Have passed and woes are passing light.


The blue tit flits atop the tree

Bright as a flame on candle, see

His calls to gather family in

As feeding, breeding must begin.


So dawns the sun on all our days

And lights our ways with grey or rays

Whether east or west lies our road

Let choice be ours as how we strode.


So act for today, plan for a little

But worry less, others consider,

Ease their burden, make it light,

And don’t eat the Stilton late at night.


Steve Jenkins 1 Jan 2013

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