The Master Painter


Jesus, Art Master

 Whilst out cycling near Chelmsford this inspiration came to me.

 The art teacher, a master, is holding a painting master class, He is questioned.

Where is the subject or model Lord? What do you want us to paint?”

Paint as I do…”

Lord we do not understand, why can’t you give us instructions to follow?”

 “I showed the first classes to paint. I gave them paints with numbers, 10 of them. I gave them canvas with shapes, lines not to paint outside of. I even numbered the shapes. But it didn’t work. They argued about the position of the lines and how to mix the colours. Even when they did follow the rules it was very stale, unlovely pictures they painted.

Then I gave them masters to follow, who told them what to paint, how to follow the rules, how to listen to me. But they all wanted to paint their own way, the pictures did not reflect God’s glorious creation.


So now I show you a new way. Have a blank canvas, remember the old rules but I give you no shapes but paint like me.

Some colours use only sparingly, when you must. Like red as it is an angry colour, and certain green is of envy, black for death, these may ruin your picture.

Fill you picture with yellow for happiness and green of generosity, use white in abundance for love and the Spirit, paint with blue in careful shapes for tenderness.

Paint shapes for fellowship not only encompassing but reaching out as well.

In all your hues and moods follow me, but paint your own picture and it will be pleasing in my sight.

please feel free to comment or add a contribution

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