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The problem with a blog like this is, well, let’s start right there before I get onto letting you know what is new.


Yes the trouble starts with knowing your audience and that word “BLOG” is a prime example of the problem. Don’t you just dislike the word? Where did it come from? What sort of traditional language could give rise to such an unpleasant sounding word? See, those of you who don’t flinch at it probably represent one part of the readers with more modern outlooks and those of us that really don’t like it would probably prefer the more sedate musings found in this blog web site. So for whom am I writing? 


Ah well it’s up to you, I’ll just keep putting thoughts and experiences on paper the web and you can take it or leave it.



it's down here somewhere

it’s down here somewhere


So what is new? Well nearly all the plumbing including the kitchen sink has been changed.  Now that was not intended, in fact I only wanted to stop the kitchen/galley floor from getting wet. Most people who get on a narrow boat at the blunt end (back) and walk towards the sharp end (front) will realise that they are walking up hill (even though the top of the canal is flat. That is apart from when it is blowing a hooley outside. And even then it is flat on average). So if the floor goes up towards the front what would you think happens to the water on the sink drainer if you fit it to the back (lower down) of the sink? Yes it does not drain the right way, wet dishes on the drainer mean wet floor!


As was

As was

What with the kitchen taps being hand basin taps and the worktop falling apart I thought I would pop a new sink, taps and work top in. All bought new for about 80 pounds total it went in quite well. I have to say at this point that the Fein multi-tool that my dear kids bought me for Christmas was a really useful bit of kit for doing this job. From cutting through old screws to reaching and cutting holes where I could hardly reach, brilliant and saved hours.

Small sink, separate drainer

Small sink, separate drainer

Anyway so far so good, other than the other side of the galley now looked tatty and I had enough work top to replace what had been chopped out before I bought the boat. So I thought I would replace that and build cupboards to replace the open shelves.

I knew that under the boxed in shelves lurked a demon that I did not want to think about whilst preparing food, yes the black water (toilet effluent) tank was under these shelves. Having removed the shelves I thought a quick brush over would remove old dust and cob webs from this nice solid steel tank. A nice grey solid steel tank, with little rust molehills on it, around it, and dribble stains down it and along the floor…oh oh!

A case of “rain stopped play” in a most unpleasant way! I won’t go into the in’s and out’s of the tank (so to speak) but it had to come out.

I really didn't want to be reminded of what I (and a load of others) had done

I really didn’t want to be reminded of what I (and a load of others) had done!

A all had to be cut out to remove it, the lads had to help me off load it to shore and finally I cleaned it out, cut it in two and took it to the tip.

Now there is a nice new cassette toilet, new cupboards doors and worktops. The toilet spent some time getting in the way at home before it got down to the boat.

Relaxing on the sofa after tea

Relaxing on the sofa after tea

Catching the sun on the patio

Catching the sun on the patio

convenient but a little out of place

convenient but a little out of place at home

Unfortunately the jobs (sorry) cost me a bit more than the original £80 so if you know anyone two wants a porcelain traveller toilet it’s on ebay, no really it is, it could be a collectors item because I am sure it is not just a bog standard one!


For sale not sail

For sale not sail

New look

New look

2 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. All is now clear; I heard you were sawing up a wee tank, but couldn’t figure out which one. What a horrid thing to have to do, a great strain I’m sure. Enough to drive a bloke potty. Hope you found a nice comfortable stool to perch on while working and that the neighbours weren’t forced to evacuate (so to speak) during the proceedings!

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